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Keller's Heart

Keller's Heart

$ 12.99

A warmhearted book for children of all ages

This love story is not the kind with castles, dragons, and a princess trapped in a tower. But it has a special girl and a fluffy knight who rescue each other. The girl is Raven. She’s deaf. Children at school are hesitant to play with her, as if she’ll break. The fluffy knight is a dog, whose first owner, when he realized the puppy couldn’t hear or see, left him by the side of the road.
From the moment these two meet, they understand each other. Raven asks her parents if she can adopt the dog from the local animal shelter. “She’d just read a book about an amazing woman who was deaf and blind named Helen Keller, so she called him Keller.”

Raven teaches Keller sign language. Keller becomes Raven’s best friend. Together, they show those around them that it is OK to be different and that everyone needs a friend.

Ages 4 and up

Author: John Gray
Publisher: Paraclete Press, Feb 2019
40 pages; trim size 6.25 x 7.25 x .375 inches

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