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Consignments 2024


Before Your Event:

  • We prefer a lead time of five weeks and no less than two weeks before you need the books. Longer lead time means more of your selections should be available in time for your event.
  • The person in charge of your meeting's bookstore or book table must first  apply for a consignment order by emailing us at bookstore@fgcquaker.org with the following information:
    • name and phone number of booktable contact
    • name and dates of event
    • shipping address 
    • dates when books can be received there (important for rental facilities)
    • billing information and treasurer for your meeting
    • give the email that will be used when placing the order.
  • Create your order 
    • Compile your order by going to QuakerBooks.org  and placing the desired books and quantity in your cart. 
    • The Consignments Collection contains books for which we have at least three copies in stock, making an order for multiple copies possible. We suggest you also look at New and Recent Arrivals, The Meetinghouse Bookshelf, and other collections you think your meeting would appreciate. You can also just browse through the store.
    • To request a book that does not appear at QuakerBooks.org, contact Audrey Greenhall, Bookstore Manager, via email (audreyg@fgcquaker.organd she will let you know if the book can be provided. SPECIAL ORDERS ARE USUALLY NONRETURNABLE.
    • Faith & Play Materials Kits are nonreturnable.
    • For large orders of Pendle Hill Pamphlets, please consider buying directly from the Pendle Hill Bookstore
    • Once your cart is complete, go to checkout and use the code CONSIGNMENT. Note, the code will not work with an email different from what you provided in your consignment application. If you don't see the amount charged reduced to $0, STOP. Contact me before proceeding.
    • After placing the order, you'll receive an order confirmation email with the books prices. PRINT IT OUT for use as a price list at your event.
  • If you want us to choose all or some of the books for your consignment we will work with you to create an order
    • We will ship the books at our expense to the address you specify. 
    • Each box will contain a packing slip for items in the box. Inform us immediately of any discrepancy or damage.  Email us photos of any damage to the books or box.
    • You agree to display the books properly and maintain them in new, saleable condition. Please do not put stickers on them. Any books returned to QuakerBooks in unsaleable condition will be considered sold, and the yearly meeting/event will be responsible for payment.

    After the Event:

    • Please pack books carefully for shipment. Books must be packed flat, not upright or on edge. Use sufficient packing material to keep the books from shifting and the box from crushing.  
    • In each box put a packing list. For your own records keep a list of the returned books.
    • Books must be in the same condition they were in when you received them. Please do not return damaged books.
    • Return the books within two weeks to our fulfillment service, via UPS or FEDEX. 
      QuakerBooks of FGC c/o
      Publishers Storage and Shipping
      Attn: Receiving Department
      46 Development Road
      Fitchburg, MA  01420
      QuakerBooks of FGC does not pay for return shipping on consignment orders. You return them at your expense.
    • Please DO NOT use US Postal Service Media Mail for this as we have had problems with damaged or lost parcels. Anything that is damaged or lost in shipping by Media Mail will be charged to you.   
    • After we receive your unsold books we will bill you.
    • Your payment is due within two weeks of receipt of our invoice.

    For more information contact Audrey Greenhall at audreyg@fgcquaker.org.