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Meeting for Reading

Meeting for Reading is a quarterly column from Friends General Conference. It will review new and forthcoming books intended to nurture spiritual deepening among Friends. The books selected are particularly useful to Meeting book discussion groups.


A Guide to Faithfulness Groups
Marcelle Martin's A Guide to Faithfulness Groups is both a source of renewal and a way forward through the evil unleashed in our world over the past three years.  

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On Living with a Concern for Gospel Ministry, Second Edition
In this newly revised and expanded edition, the richness of a life touched by the Spirit and called to ministry ripples over every page of Brian Drayton’s classic On Living with a Concern for Gospel Ministry.

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Walk Humbly, Serve Boldly
"What we need—and what the world needs from us—are those moments of clarity in which we Friends reclaim the passion, the love, the commitment, the strength, the sense of community and the awareness of the Presence in which our Quaker ancestors lived.”

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The Newcomers: Finding Refuge, Friendship, and Hope in an American Classroom. By Helen Thorpe. Scribner, 2017.

The Newcomers
How do these newcomers survive? How do they acclimate? How do they preserve what was good and just and life-giving in their own cultures yet find their way through the confusing labyrinth of expediency and greed that defines our own in the era of Donald Trump?

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