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A Journey out of Season

A Journey out of Season

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In the winter of 1945, many American families were being reunited. WWII was over, but for young Rufus it meant another separation. While he and his Quaker grandmother moved to from Iowa to Washington State, Mum, Dad, and Grandfather were in Europe helping others.

Journey Out of Season tells of how Rufus and his grandmother, and their faithful dog Barclay made their way across the plains and mountains, confronting snowstorms, poverty, and racism, and meeting Friends who help one another . . . It speaks to Quaker testimonies in a way that is accessible to young readers. The story explores important social issues in the context of various points in history from a very human perspective. This is truly a family book.    - description from the book's back cover

A Journey out of Season is well suited for discussion in First Day School.  

The author, Mary Hansen is a member of Bellingham Friends Meeting. Mary is a retired child and family therapist and educator.

Author: Mary Hansen
Publisher: Desiana Publications, November 2019
ISBN: 9780578585888
Paperback, 158 pages
ages 7-12


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