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BookMusings: September 2018

BookMusings: September 2018

An excerpt from On the Brink of Everything appears following the introduction, courtesy of Parker J. Palmer and Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.

Dear Friend,

This fall, we're excited to share not one, but TWO inspirational life stories with QuakerBooks readers - author Parker J. Palmer and abolitionist Benjamin Lay. Parker's latest book, On the Brink of Everything, is a reflection on life and embracing the gift of getting older. The Fearless Benjamin Lay, now available in a new paperback edition, describes the fiery activism of a Friend who would passionately witness (sometimes with props!) on the evils of slavery. Both men are remarkable examples of what can happen when worship and reflection become vital to our life experience. In the words of Quaker author Thomas R. Kelly, "the heart of the religious life is in commitment and worship, not in reflection and theory."

In the Light,
The Publications and Distribution Committee of FGC

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Read an excerpt from On The Brink of Everything here.


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