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Book Musings: An Appreciation for Beautiful Books

Illustration from Evan Turk's The Storyteller

For many of us, the beginning of autumn brings anticipation of beautiful fall foliage. With that in mind, here are two books, one for young children (ages 4 to 8) and one for adults, that are visual treats. 

In the Light,
Audrey Greenhall, Manager for QuakerBooks

Featured Titles for October 2nd, 2018

The Quiet Eye 
by Sylvia Shaw Judson

Through selected art and text, a Quaker sculptor communicates a sense of affirmation, wonder and trust in the sacredness of the daily. The Quiet Eye is a book of great charm, imbued with a love and understanding of art that speaks directly to the heart. 


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The Storyteller
by Evan Turk

Long, long ago, like a pearl around a grain of sand, the Kingdom of Morocco formed at the edge of the great, dry Sahara. It had fountains of cool, refreshing water to quench the thirst of the desert, and storytellers to bring the people together. But as the kingdom grew, the people forgot the dangers of the desert, and they forgot about the storytellers, too. All but one young boy, who came to the Great Square for a drink and found something that quenched his thirst even better: wonderful stories. As he listened to the last storyteller recount the Endless Drought, and the Glorious Blue Water Bird, he discovered the power of a tale well told.

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