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Book Musings: Revitalizing Our Faith

A Friend at the 2018 FGC Gathering in Toledo, OH |  Image credit: John Margerum for FGC

A Friend at the 2018 FGC Gathering in Toledo, OH |  Image credit: John Margerum for FGC

Can looking back at scripture and the experiences of early Friends help us discover a new dimension of our faith? This week's featured titles seek to provide possible answers to that question. A new 20th anniversary edition of Heaven on Earth draws connections from Quaker history to shed light on the experience of Friends today, while Be Still and Listen explains that to truly experience the Divine in our lives, we must become better listeners. 

In the Light,
Audrey Greenhall, Manager for QuakerBooks


Featured Titles for October 23rd, 2018

Heaven on EarthHeaven on Earth: Quakers and the Second Coming, 20th Anniversary Edition
By Douglas Gwyn, Ben Pink Dandelion, & Timothy Peat

This book examines the letters of Paul, the experience of early Friends, and the history of Quakerism through the lens of the Second Coming and draws radical new connections which the authors believe have the potential to give Friend and others a clarity about the Quaker tradition and the power to offer a key component in the revitalization of Quaker faith. 

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Be Still and Listen: Experience the Presence of God in Your Life
By Amos Smith

The various crises we experience in society and culture today, at their root, reveal a spiritual problem: a profound lack of meaning. The mystical truths revealed in scripture can surely help. With Be Still and Listen it is possible to explore the contemplative dimensions of the Bible, either on your own or in a group setting, as you perhaps never have before.

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