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Wellsprings of Life: Quaker Wisdom in Chant - CD

Wellsprings of Life: Quaker Wisdom in Chant - CD

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Wellsprings of Life: Quaker Wisdom in Chant

"This new collection of 19 chants, all composed from words of Quaker leaders, came about as a result of two communities coming together: Quakers and practitioners of the contemplative Christian Wisdom Tradition. My introduction to this Wisdom Tradition, which emphasizes inner spiritual transformation, came by way of reading the works of Cynthis Bourgealt, a teacher, leader and modern day mystic, and I saw how closely Quakerism resonated with it. Our paths eventually brought us together, leading retreats and workshops on these two streams. The work with Cynthia exposed me more to the practice of chanting as a spiritual practice, and I wanted the songs on this album to be chants that people could sing together or alone. Thus the songs, unlike Timeless Quaker Wisdom in Plainsong, have more regular rhythms and instrumentation, and each song is repeated many times in chant style." - Paulette Meier

Paulette Meier, 2020

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