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We Stood In Awe

We Stood In Awe

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We Stood In Awe: Rebecca's Travel Diaries 1949-1953

Rebecca and Osborne Cresson grew up between two world wars and were dedicated to bringing people together, especially across cultural lines. They loved to travel, and write, and take photographs. This book has diaries and photos recording travels of the family in the US by car in 1947, to Afghanistan mostly by ship in 1949, and in Afghanistan by bus later that year, and from Iran through Europe to the US in 1953. Through their pen and camera we catch glimpses of their family and the world around them. It is a record of Rebecca and Osborne’s efforts to learn about the world and to help create peace on a person to person level.

Author: Os Cresson
Publisher: Morning Walk Press. March 2020
ISBN: 9780991434435

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