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Plain Language of Love and Loss

The Plain Language of Love and Loss: A Quaker Memoir

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On November 16, 1965, Beth Taylor's idyllic childhood was shattered at age twelve by the suicide of her older brother Geoff. This memoir reflects on the meaning of death and loss for three generations of Taylor's family and their friends. touching on the timely issues of bullying, child rearing, and non-conformity, she offers a rare look at growing up Quaker in the tumultuous 1960s that shows the more sober side of the decade's counterculture. This tender narrative is, on the surface, about Quakers and Quakerism in modern America. it is about one family's struggle to align It's spiritual strivings with the realities of human limitations and the uncontrollability of circumstance. 

Young adult and up

Author: Beth Taylor
Publisher: University of Missouri Press, 2009
ISBN: 9780826218452
Paperback, 146 pages

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