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Money and Soul Pendle Hill Pamphlet #450

Money and Soul Pendle Hill Pamphlet #450

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Money and Soul explores our troubled relationship with money, with finance, and with the economic system in which we are all entangled. It invites readers to consider how childhood experiences with money can shape attitudes, and how attention to individual conscience and shared Quaker values can illuminate big finance and economics questions that lie in the shadows, but cry out for more light. The pamphlet offers a brief sketch of how our political economy has shifted since the late 1970s from a concern for common welfare to a focus on private gain, and offers suggestions, using the framework of the testimonies, for ways that Friends can bring personal practices around money and personal witness around the economy into closer alignment with faith values. This is an invitation to those for whom finance and economics may seem like a closed book to find new openings for discernment and action. Discussion questions included.

Author; Pamela Haines

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #450 (2018)

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