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Messages to Meetings

Messages to Meetings

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Messages to Meetings

Throughout Quaker history, Friends have been moved to write to meetings to instruct, encourage, or challenge. The messages to contemporary Quakers in this collection arose out of a sense of requirement in conjunction with service in gospel ministry. They explore themes such as love and unity, true worship, gospel ministry, spiritual hunger, encouragement of spiritual gifts and callings, and hospitality to the life of the living God.

The author, Brian Drayton, writes: "It is my hope that these letters will be of use for individual reflection or meeting conversations. They were written originally out of a motion of love and with the intent that they might help some readers on their path towards the more abundant life that Christ promises and makes possible."

Author: Brian Drayton
Publisher: Inner Light Books, 2021
ISBN: 9781737011217
Paperback, 130 pages

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