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Meeting Tips

Meeting Tips

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Thirteen Short Introductions to Meeting for Worship with illustrations.

For 4th through 8th grade students to help focus stray thoughts and stimulate spoken messages.  They will also help develop an understanding of what Meeting for Worship is all about

This booklet contains 15 brief illustrated tips to be read and shown to children and young people as they are preparing to go into Meeting for Worship.  Good for Friends school teachers who are getting their students ready to go into meeting.

 From the author:

Worship in the manner of Friends is not easy for children and young people to get accustomed to, unless they were brought up in the Quaker faith. Even adults, who are not used to the silence, have difficulty centering or finding meaning in the silence. Therefore, when I was a middle school teacher at Moorestown Friends School in the 1990’s, I created and used the following Meeting Tips.  The Tips were meant to be brief (no more than five minutes), to the point, and fairly concrete, so students would have something to hold onto as they enter Meeting for Worship.  Each week just prior to Meeting, the Middle School advisors read a copy of the Meeting Tip to their advisees in their homeroom, showed the illustration, and then walked as a group to Meeting.  After Middle School Meeting, students often wanted to talk about their experience as it related that particular Tip.

I have also used these Meeting Tips, when I taught upper elementary or middle school children about Quaker worship in First-day School.

As you try to help your students understand and find meaning in Friends worship, I hope these introductions will be useful to you.

Format: Three hole punch, bound

Author: Martha Smith


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