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Faith and Practice: Southeastern Yearly Meeting

Faith and Practice: Southeastern Yearly Meeting

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Southeastern Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice, 4th Edition, 2013

Available in paperback and ebook

The Southeastern Yearly Meeting’s Faith And Practice encourages the reader to quote, copy, and use; thus in the manner of Friends it is not copyrighted. Each chapter opens with several appropriate quotes and many conclude with queries and advices pertinent to the subject matter. Divided into three sections:

  1. Faith and Spirituality
  2. Spiritual Practices
  3. Friends Structure

With references and an extensive Reading List, it is both a quick reference book and spiritually informative on faith and practice, Quaker values, present-day organization and structure explaining the bottoms-up practice of discerning decisions by sense-of-the-meeting, common worship and business meeting practices. SEYM is liberally inclusive.

Publisher: Southeastern Yearly Meeting Publications (SEYM), December 2013
ISBN: 9781939831002
Paperback: 344 Pages

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