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Being Quaker . .  Where You Are

Being Quaker . . Where You Are

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The result of a leading to visit “isolated Friends” in the Pacific Northwest, the interviews and photos in this collection reveal a wide variety of spiritual practices. This book is a witness to how deeply Friends embody the messages that service, simplicity, seeking and wonder are ways of living. Away from community, the Friends interviewed in Being Quaker make time for silence and stillness as wells of replenishment and sources of Light. Readers can learn from the experiences of Friends who maintain their faith and practice in isolated settings.

"This book is a garden of souls. The “motion of love” that led Sakre Edson to travel, and then to bring the travel to all of us through this book, is one that has come to many Friends over the centuries. Though at times the nourishing, refreshing circulation of living epistles has been weak and almost stopped, it never has completely, for which God be thanked. Maybe this book will comfort you and yet make you aware of a nudge to, in love, also visit Friends!"  - Brian Drayton

Author: Sakre Kennington Edson

Publisher: Western Friend, 2017

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