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A Seeker's Theology

A Seeker's Theology

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A Seeker's Theology - Reasonable Faith for Skeptical Christians

A retired Episcopal priest, who has had life-long associations with Quakers, interprets Christianity terms of MYSTICISM. He bases his rejection of traditional Christian theology on reasons similar to those of the early Quakers' repudiations of Catholicism, Calvinism and Anglicanism. Scripture, through legends, myths and parables may offer inspiration, but it cannot be taken literally. Doctrines and creeds presume a human-like "God" dwelling "up in the heavens." They claim that Jesus was the son of that "God" and a human mother. Prayer is expressed as begging that "God" to manipulate earthly events according to human desires. That all is Olympian mythology. God is within every person, every object and in all of existence. This is called "Panentheism." Quakers refer to God within every person as "The Inner Light." Mankind, therefore, is basically good, and did not "fall" from divine grace, needing Jesus as a sacrifice to appease an angry God. God is love. The man, Jesus of Nazareth, was the perfect human manifestation of divine love. God can be experienced through "direct revelation." Through meditation, we are guided in ways to act in love for all others and respect for all existence. That leads to moral demands for justice, equality, inclusion, non-violence and peace. We are empowered by the presence of God within us. God is experienced mystically in many religions and cultures. Faith must be reinterpreted as mystical experiences. The author now is a member of the Religious Society of Friends. (from the publisher.)

Author; John G. Macort

Publisher:  Createspace Independant Publishing Platform, December 2016

ISBN:  9781540500724

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