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Finding the Light in You

Finding the Light in You

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Finding the Light In You: Bright Silent Worship with Young Friends supportively guides the process of nurturing children’s silent worship skills. Guided imagery, richly illustrated with color photos, provides a bridge from abstract adult silent worship to child-sized conversations with the Inner Light of God. In this practical handbook, Marjorie supportively explains how to help children create their own safe inner space for silent worship activities like giving thanks, asking for divine help, and appreciating creation in nature. Originally prepared for Friends , the approach is nonsectarian, and offers a variety of activities in a flexible format. With this guidebook in hand, teachers can make quick preparations. The book makes ongoing support available moment by moment while working with children. Adults generally enjoy the activities, and there is ample explanation and reassurance to help teachers get started, as well as address difficulties that sometimes come up along the way. An easy-going style is brightened with interesting true stories, and occasional touches of whimsy. Bright Silent Worship gives clear explanations and caring practical support to anyone who wants to help children discover their own stories, visually create an internal safe place, and experience the Light within all of us. 

Appeals to all ages.
Author: Marjorie McKelvey Isaacs; Photographer: Eugenia M. Mills
ISBN: 9781640078956
Paperback with spiral binding, 54 pages

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