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Year of Grace (eBook)

Year of Grace

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Margaret Hope Bacon, author of many Quaker related books, brings us a poignant and courageous tale of an elderly, but active, Quaker woman coming to terms with her own mortality in the final year of her life.  The author has created a truly inspirational character whose spiritual life, based on  a strong Quaker foundation, is reflected at the culmination of her earthly life in a remarkable 'year of grace.'  "Beautifully written, this story of a spirit and action-filled last adventure will speak to many conditions, from that of us "oldies" nearing the end of our own journey, to that of the 'youngies' just finding the trail.  Bacon reminds us how adventurous old age can be!"—Elise Boulding.  Available in mobi (for Kindle readers) and epub (for all other ereaders).

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