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The Undivided Life: Being Spiritual and Political

The Undivided Life: Being Spiritual and Political

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The Undivided Life: Being Spiritual and Political  - ebook

In the Dwight and Ardis Michener Memorial Lecturer 2016 at Southeastern Yearly Meeting, Diane Randall, Executive Secretary of Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) asks each of us: “What calls us to act in the world with love?” How is our witness as Friends evidenced in our political lives? How do Friends witness and lobby with Congress for peace, justice, and a sustainable planet?” FCNL aspires to weave the principles of diversity and inclusion into every aspect of the organization.” We encourage our staff and volunteers to share their diverse backgrounds because those unique perspectives are important contributions to our work.” A team of 16 registered lobbyists along and a strategic advocacy team engages with a national network of committed advocates in our non-partisan lobbying that helps the visitor to effectively lobby their Representative or Senators.

Author: Diane Randall
Publisher: Southeastern Yearly Meeting
ISBN: 978-1-939831-11-8 (eReader MOBI)
ISBN: 978-939831-12-5 (eReader EPUB)

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