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The Foundations of Liberal Quakerism

The Foundations of Liberal Quakerism

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The Foundations of Liberal Quakerism was the 45th annual Walton Lecture at Southeastern Yearly Meeting.

Liberal Quakerism is an authentic and often growing strand of the Religious Society of Friends, and it is rooted in developments on both sides of the great split which took place between "Hicksites" and "Orthodox" in 1827. It's historical and theological foundations have not been well understood. Going back over 200 years, he describes the witness of Friends... and the varieties of spirituality that have often underlain the liberal Quaker impulse, including rationalism, mysticism, universalism, and the Social Gospel. Finally, the author discusses possible future directions: Where might the liberal Quaker movement be heading in the twenty-first century?

Pamphlet, 26 pages

Author: Steven W. Angell

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