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The Quaker Bible Reader

The Quaker Bible Reader

$ 21.95

Thirteen very different Quakers look at portions of scripture, describe what they find, and how they found it. their goal is to encourage every Friend to engage the Bible, "not passively accepting someone else's interpretation; not looking for 'the good parts' and skipping the rest; not contorting scripture to support pre-determined ideas - but entering into a dialog with this ancient book, exploring your own assumptions about God, and deepening your relationship with the divine." - Marty Paxson Grundy Contributors include John Punshon, Howard Macy, Beckey Phipps, Esther Mombo, Anthony Prete, and Deborah Shaw.

Editors: Paul Buckley, Stephen Angell, 
Publisher: Earlham Press, 2006
ISBN: 9781879117167
Paperback, 312 pages

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