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Memories of the Quaker Past

Memories of the Quaker Past

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The book consists of excerpts from interviews of senior members of State College Friends Meeting. The narrators who lived through the Great Depression tell of their difficult childhood-and yet in most cases one they regarded as happy. Some of the conscientious objectors during WWII tell of life in CPS camps; others speak of using nonviolent methods with mental patients, while still others relate the story of the human guinea experiments some of them participated in. Of those who did relief work after the war overseas, probably the most exciting tales are told by the four who worked with the Friends Ambulance Unit in China. They happened to be located close to where the Nationalists and the Communists were fighting.

Edward Atkinson,

Elton Atwater, 

Christine Ayoub,

Elizabeth Jelinek Boardman,

Renee C Crauder


Keith Doms Margaret.Doms

Lucretia Evans


Gary Fosmire

Philip Furnas

Alice M Hoffman

Arthur J Mekeel

Etta Albrecht Mekeel

Douglas Miller

Grace Miller

Hanna Peck

Libby Pennock

Roger Pennock

Carolyn Rudd

Ralph Rudd

Mardy Shaw.;

Mark Shaw

Jane Jenks Small

Marjorie Smith

Reed M. Smith

Taber, Richard

Tuttle, Carolyn

Dean Tuttle

Shirley Tuttle

Emily Way

Elwood Way

Mary Way

Roger D Way


Lloyd. Williams 

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