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Finding the Trail of Life (eBook)

Finding the Trail of Life

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Rufus Jones's 1926 childhood memoir returns. This delightful small book recaptures the faith life of a young boy as well as the family and community life of late nineteenth-century New England Quakers. Widely popular among both Quaker and nonQuaker readers, it is among the most widely read of Jones's works. Stephen W. Angell's Foreword for this new edition describes how one such reader was "the noted African American theologian Howard Thurman, who was a young pastor at a Baptist church in Oberlin, Ohio, when he bought this book at a second-hand book sale in 1928. Thurman later recalled that he immediately sat down on the church steps and read the entire book. Afterward, he felt he had found a kindred spirit in Jones, and he decided that he wanted to study with Jones," leading to a lifelong close connection between Thurman and Quakers. This book is available in mobi (for Kindle readers) and epub (for all other ereaders).

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