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At age forty-nine, Eileen Flanagan had an aching feeling that she wasn’t t living up to her potential or her youthful ideals. A former Peace Corps volunteer who d once loved the simplicity of living in a mud hut in Botswana, she now had too many e-mails in her inbox and a basement full of stuff she didn’t t need. Increasingly worried about her children s future on a warming planet, she felt unable to make a difference until she joined a band of singing Quaker activists who helped her find her voice and her power. "Renewable: One Woman s Search for Simplicity, Faithfulness, and Hope" is the story of a spiritual writer and mother of two who, while trying to change the world, unexpectedly finds the courage to change her life. With wit and wisdom, Eileen Flanagan shares the engaging journey that brings her from midlife spiritual crisis to fulfillment and hope and, briefly, to jail."

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