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Book Musings October 2021

The leaves are turning, just starting to fall, and I've harvested the last tomatoes and cucumbers from my garden. That's early autumn here in Media, Pennsylvania. Your October might look very different, maybe with saguaros or palm trees. Regardless of where you are, and whether you're approaching winter or summer, you may be thinking of upcoming holidays and looking forward to curling up with a good read during quiet times. 

For gift-giving or for yourself, QuakerBooks.org offers a range of interesting and challenging titles, and many wonderful children's books including perennial favorite All Creation Waits
 You say you already have it? Here are some other recommendations.

Read the full Book Musings here.

In this issue:

  • QuakerPress of FGC -  Letters to a Fellow Seeker
  • New and Noteworthy - Miss MaryWalking in the World as a Friend
  • Friends Journal Reviews - October, 202; September 2021
  • Bookshop.org

Read the full Book Musings here.

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