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Book Musings - October, 2020

Lately, I’ve had more time to walk. As I do, bits of conversation from the past week tumble in my brain, mixing with joys, worries and reminiscences. The other day, crisp autumn air took me to my childhood neighborhood and I recalled something said by a dear friend at my father’s memorial service. “No matter how bad I felt when I got to Irene and Don’s, I always felt much better when I left.”

It hit me how relevant that was to me being a Friend.  My parents never heard the term radical hospitality, but that's how they lived. I pray that in my life, leadings nurtured by discernment will bring me to the same level. To help me with discernment I'm reading When the Spirit CallsMore about it appears in this issue of Book Musings.

Read the full October 6, 2020 issue of Book Musings, here.

Wishing you Light and Love,
Audrey Greenhall, Manager of QuakerBooks
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In This Issue: 
  • Meeting for Reading - When the Spirit Calls
  • New and Noteworthy - When God Made LightWhen I Pray for You
  • Friends Journal Picks - October 2020
  • Beyond Quaker Books - Unlimited Selection!

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