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Book Musings - November 8, 2020

Do you think of passage of time as linear or cyclical?  Does one offer you more hope than the other? Is one more humbling? Some of the books and the DVD highlighted here got me thinking about this. 

Read the full November 8, 2020 issue of Book Musings, here.

A 2019 Friends Journal review of Quakers: The Quiet Revolutionaries notes that the director gives "a clear line from the earliest Friends to today, and gives us examples of how speaking truth to power looks when we see it in our own time."

All Creation Waits is about renewal, using seasonal rebirth as a metaphor for spiritual rebirth. Surrendering Into Silence, subtitled Quaker Prayer Cycles, advises ongoing spiritual growth by not thinking one has reached an endpoint. 

Maybe we each move in circles as we, a community, move forward. 

In This Issue: 

  • New and Noteworthy - Quakers: The Quiet Revolutionaries - DVD
  • A Perennial Favorite - All Creation Waits
  • Volume Discount Reminder 
  • Friends Journal Picks - November 2020
  • Beyond Quaker Books - Unlimited Selection

Read the full November 8, 2020 issue of Book Musings, here.

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