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Book Musings: October 2019

Book Musings

Leaves on a tree transform into a symphony of red, orange, and yellow colors on a crisp fall day.

Dear Friend,

Autumn leaves decorate the ground in a multi-colored carpet. With each breeze they flutter. With each gust, they flurry upward, to gently resettle somewhere else. It's a quiet, gentle beauty, but my mind jumps to violent swirls in stronger winds and cold rain. How quickly a scene can go from settled to unsettled. As with people, too, and I think how fortunate I am to live in a place of little upheaval, and how important it is to not be complacent.

The Religious Society of Friends is a religion of action, and I am inspired by Friends who walk the walk. In this issue we spotlight one such person: Bayard Rustin. Most of us associate him with the Civil Rights Movement, but in his later years traveled the world in support of refugees. I wonder where he would be now.

In the Light,
Audrey Greenhall,
Manager for QuakerBooks

In This Issue:

  • Bayard Rustin biography for young people
  • Sale Books offered online
  • New Pendle Hill Pamphlet
  • Pop-Up Bookstore

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