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Book Musings: Nurturing the Spiritual Lives of Children

A Friend explores materials for "George Fox's Big Discovery," created by the Faith & Play Group. Image credit: Faith & Play™ Stories

It's never too early to invite children to participate in the life of your spiritual community. Children's experiences of faith can be as profound and inspiring as those of grown-ups. These three resources from Faith & Play™ Stories can be a beginning or a bridge for young learners embarking on new spiritual journeys.

Faith & Play Stories offers resources and training for individual teachers, religious education committees, Quaker monthly meetings and churches, and Friends schools. Faith & Play Stories, Inc. is an independent collaboration with FGC, QuakerBooks' parent institution.

Learn more about the Faith & Play Stories community and read the latest updates about their work on their Facebook page.

In the Light,
Audrey Greenhall, Manager for QuakerBooks


Featured Resources for November 6th, 2018

Faith & Play: Quaker Stories for Friends Trained in the Godly Play® Method: Second Edition

Faith & Play™ is a story-based curriculum focused on building spiritual community with children and offering them images and language to express their wonder and experience of the Divine. Faith & Play™ grew out of Friends’ work with the Godly Play® story curriculum, which embodies the Montessori belief that play is children’s work and has dignity.

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Faith & Play Materials: Gifts
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Faith & Play Materials: Prayer and Friends Meeting for Worship/Meeting for Business
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