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Book Musings June 2021

I cannot recall a spring season ever feeling this sweet. Simple joys have greater meaning for me. Last week I went into Philly to give an historical tour to families from NYC and saw an old friend, a fellow guide, for the first time in over a year. It was so uplifting to hug an old friend!

But all joys are bittersweet right now. There's been so much loss in so many ways, and struggles continue, some intensified. We so need to hold each other in the Light and remember that there is God in each of us.

In this Issue of Book Musings:

  • Author Spotlight! - J. Brent Bill, Dwight L. Wilson, Edith Maxwell, Margery Post Abbott and Carl Abbott, Janet Gardner and Richard Nurse
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  • Gift-Giving Made Easy - eGift Cards now available

Read the full issue of Book Musings, here.


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