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Author Events at the 2019 FGC Gathering

Author Events at the 2019 FGC Gathering

Join us at the FGC Gathering this year to see your favorite Quaker writers talk about their work! Here is our schedule for Author Events that will take place during the Gathering at Grinnell College, between Monday, July 1st and Friday, 5th:

Monday, July 1st, 2019

1:30pm: John Calvi, author of How Far Have You Traveled?

New release! An honored Quaker healer for decades, John Calvi now shares with us how we can find the lasting strength within ourselves to heal ourselves and others, not falling victim to burn-out. Practical and energizing!


3:00pm: J. Brent Bill, author of the Imagination & Spirit anthology and the upcoming Beauty, Truth, Light, and Love: Four Essentials for the Abundant Life

Be one of the very first to find out about Brent’s newest book, Beauty, Truth, Life, and Love. Audience members who pre-order the book at the FGC Gathering will be given limited edition author-signed bookplates to paste in their copies when the book arrives in November.


4:30pm: Diane Randall, Executive Secretary of the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) presents "Diane's Favs"

Free books about FCNL’s work...AND a loving tribute to a few books that have been spirit-builders for FCNL’s leader in advocacy, Diane Randall. Can you guess what “Diane’s Faves” are? She’ll lead us delightfully into some good reading ahead.


Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

1:30pm: Brian Drayton, author On Living with a Concern for Gospel Ministry (now available in an updated second edition)

Quaker scientist Brian Drayton’s down-to-earth books have been a key source of Quaker inner renewal for decades. Now, QuakerPress’s brand new, expanded version of On Living with a Concern for Gospel Ministry offers a fresh take on what we are each meant to do in the here and now. How can we recognize and strengthen the best in ourselves and our meetings? A valuable new tool for private or group study equipping us for confident leadership. Prepare to be challenged and inspired.


3:00pm: Brenda Beadenkopf, author of Charlie Walker, The Quaker Behind the Dream

A thorough look at the faithful support role played by Quaker Charlie Walker during key moments of the American civil rights movement and the peace movement. The interplay of strong black leadership and Quaker help in non-violent organizing gets a fresh look through the eyes of the protagonist’s daughter, Brenda Walker Beadenkopf. The talk will feature original memorabilia and historical photographs not included in the book.


4:30pm: Paula Palmer of Boulder Friends Meeting's Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples

More information coming soon!


Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

There are no Author Events scheduled today due to the mid-week afternoon of rest and rejuvenation during the Gathering. The Gathering Bookstore will be open!


Thursday, July 4th, 2019

1:30pm: David Johnson, author of A Quaker Prayer Life and Jesus, Christ and Servant of God

A Quaker geologist from Australia turns his inquiring mind to the question of how prayer functioned in the lives of early Quakers and how it seems to work for us now. Without giving away his conclusions, his analysis may provoke in us more conscious direct contact with the Spirit. Come and see where you are led.


3:00pm: Nancy Haines, author of Approved!, and Marjorie Isaacs, author of Finding the Light in You

Approved! by Nancy Haines takes a look at the Spirit-led process behind finding unity in our business meetings. Finding the Light in You by Marjorie Isaacs looks at going into the Spirit through meditative experiences. Both books are enthusiastically used both by children and by those adults willing to go outside the box in their search for Truth. Experience the books and share ideas for cross-generational use.


Friday, July 5th, 2019

1:30pm: Eric Hatch, author of Faces of Addiction

The camera lens and the author’s words bring into sharp focus the humanity of individuals caught in addiction. Troubling and compelling, these portraits will not leave our hearts untouched. They might move us to compassionate action. Learn why this book had to be written.


3:00pm: Religious Education that Energizes Our Kids, a presentation by Friends who created Sparkling Still and Faith & Play™: Quaker Stories for Friends Trained in the Godly Play® Method

With love and skill, veteran First Day teachers share confidence-building materials and ideas that make teaching a pleasure and keep our kids involved, thinking and happy. Meet the “first day in a box” initiative and colorful play materials that make stories leap to life.


The Author Events location will be announced soon!


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