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BookMusings: Winter 2015 eNewsletter

BookMusings: Winter 2015 eNewsletter

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Book Musings is the official eNewsletter of QuakerBooks of FGC. Each issue highlights books and themes carefully selected by bookstore staff for your enjoyment, as well as information about sales and other unique opportunities available to our readers. Below is the introductory text and table of contents.

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Dear Friend,

As the days get longer and colder, it's more and more tempting to curl up inside with a book. QuakerBooks of FGC recognizes it's important to nurture ourselves in these dark winter months. We're offering resources to humbly explore our spiritual journeys, spread some holiday cheer, and prepare for new books to read together in the new year.

Ellen Michaud is joining BookMusings to provide her first in a series of Quaker book reviews. Ellen is the editor-at-large for Life Happy Magazine, and the author of Blessed: Living a Grateful Life. We're excited to share her thoughtful reflection on Quaker books as part of BookMusings. 

In the Light,
Graham Garner and Jerimy Pedersen

In This Issue:
-Ellen's Review Corner
-Other Books by Brent Bill
-Holiday Cheer Book Picks
-Book Study Groups for the New Year


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