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BookMusings: January 2016 eNewsletter

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BookMusings is the official eNewsletter of QuakerBooks of FGC. Each issue highlights books and themes carefully selected by bookstore staff for your enjoyment, as well as information about sales and other unique opportunities available to our readers. Below is the introductory text and table of contents.

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Dear Friend,

As the new year provides new opportunities, fill them with reading! QuakerBooks of FGC is excited to share the books we are looking forward to in 2016. Start off this year with thoughtful education and expanded understanding, from experiences of god, to climate instability, to African American experience in the US.  Book Musings wishes you an invigorated new year full of engaging new reading material from QuakerBooks of FGC. 

In the Light,
Graham Garner and Jerimy Pedersen

In This Issue:
- Ellen's Review Corner
- Graham's Reading List
- Black History Month Book Bundle

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