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Wrestling with Our Faith Tradition (Paperback)

Wrestling with our Faith Tradition

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"We are invited to participate in the counter-cultural action of putting God at the center of our stories, rather than ourselves,"  writes Deborah Shaw in the Foreword to this challenging and inspiring book. the foreword. Containing the texts of invited presentations offered by Lloyd Lee Wilson at yearly meetings and other Friendly gatherings over a ten-year period, this book collects the wisdom of one of today's best-loved living recorded ministers in the Conservative and Liberal streams of modern Quakerism. The print edition is marked down from $18.95. The digital edition is available in mobi (for Kindle readers) and epub (for all other ereaders).

Author: Lloyd Lee Wilson
Publisher: QuakerPress of FGC (2005)
ISBN: 9781888305364
Paperback, 231 pages

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