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With a Tender Hand: A Resource Book for Eldership and Oversight

With a Tender Hand: A Resource Book for Eldership and Oversight

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The kind of community we aspire to create together as Friends is all of a piece with our spiritual lives and how we hope to make a difference in the world. This is an ambitious aim that calls for our attention and our care; such a community doesn't come about by chance.

How can we make our meeting a place where the Spirit thrives, where people feel included and cared for, and which nourishes outward ministry? Since the earliest days Friends have been asking these questions and creating workable answers that meet the changing needs of Friends.

Quaker Life commissioned this book to help Quakers today provide confident eldership and oversight. Drawing on experience in many different meetings in Britain, it offers support to Friends as they nurture the life of their worshipping community. It aims to support new and existing elders and overseers in this vital role.


Zélie Gross has been a Quaker since 1985, gaining experience of eldership and oversight in her local and area meetings, through teaching at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre and a variety of service for Quaker Life, and from writing for Friends.

Publisher: Quaker Books
Publication Date: May 2015
ISBN: 9781907123719
Paperback, 434 pages


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