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A True Friend to China

A True Friend to China

$ 45.00

Collected and edited by Andrew Hicks.

Large format paperback with 500 photos  

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Radio interview with the editor  HERE

China in the late nineteen forties was another world, an ancient society still in the grips of feudalism and in desperate need of modernisation.  There are many formal histories of those pivotal and turbulent times but Jack Jones, is among the few foreigners to have written contemporary accounts of day to day life there. 

Together with his fellow members of the Friends Ambulance Unit ‘China Convoy’, his struggle to bring medical supplies and services to the poorest regions of China is vividly evoked in this book.  Written by him for the China Convoy’s newsletter and lost and unread for more than half a century, these articles have recently been discovered in Quaker archives in London and Philadelphia. 

An edited selection tells the remarkable story of how Jack and his team battled against all the odds in life-threatening situations to help relieve the overwhelming suffering of the Chinese people.

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Published by Earnshaw Books Ltd, Hong Kong.

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