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Thinking Theologically About Mass Incarceration

Thinking Theologically About Mass Incarceration

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The line from slavery to Jim Crow to the War on Drugs to mass incarceration was straight and unbroken. But what of the voice to challenge it? Was there another straight and unbroken line, this one from the abolitionist movement to the civil rights struggle to the present day? This book is the fruit of a multiyear dialogue among Christian churches in the United States, addressing-from theological perspectives-mass incarceration as an issue in need of radical reform.Among the essays are:-Christian Unity for a Fractured Society: The Problem of Mass Incarceration for the Churches -On Incarceration: For the Sake of Our Shared Future -White Supremacy and the Church: How White Christians Created and Perpetuate the Ideology of White Supremacy-On the Other Side of the Divide-Seventy Times Seven: Offenders, Victims, and Jesus' Extravagant Call to Forgive-Considering Issues of Mass Incarceration through the Lens of the Beatitudes

Author:  National Council of Churches

Publisher: Paullist Press, November 7, 2017

ISBN: 9780809153725

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