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The Journal of Elias Hicks

The Journal of Elias Hicks

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In this 2009 edition, the Journal of Elias Hicks is published as it was written, telling the story of the faith and practice of this historic Quaker minister whose long life and faithful service in the traditional beliefs of the Religious Society of Friends shaped the Society's history in ways he never anticipated would happen. For 175 years, the prevailing image of Elias Hicks has been a false one. His opponents in the Society of Friends have successfully misrepresented him as denying Christ and the scriptures. Paul Buckley has meticulously compiled a new edition of the Journal of Elias Hicks from the original manuscripts that restores more than 100 pages of missing material.

Editor: Paul Buckley

Publisher: Inner Light Books, 2009

ISBN:  9780979711053

Paperback, 540 pages

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