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The Forgotten Gospel of Jesus

The Forgotten Gospel of Jesus

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With little or no agreement on the deeper meanings of the gospel of Christ and what it truly means to bear the name Christian, the contemporary church in the United States is in fragmented disarray. Much of our time and energy in church is spent on what others say or think about Christ, often neglecting to focus on his own words. Church problems today frequently arise because we have failed to follow Christ's teachings, preferring to emphasize other biblical passages and looking in the wrong places for our directions. When we return our focus and attention consistently to what Christ has said and discover what it truly means to "take his yoke and learn" from him, today's Christian and today's church will be capable of fulfilling their mission and calling. While exploring the historical and sociological backdrop that precipitated the Church's current confusion and brokenness, this book examines scriptural passages essential to providing a Christ-centered gospel and restoring the concept of vital Christianity.

This book results from a lifetime of contemplation on the role of Christianity and the church in today's society and what it means to be truly Christian in today's world.

It is my hope that this book will make a difference, bringing about a more Christ-centered Church.

Let me behold thy face O blessed Master,

O let me see thy beauty and be blessed.

Author:Charles W. Heavilin

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN:  9781643496450

paperback, 118 pages

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