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Small Change, Big Deal

Small Change, Big Deal

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Small Change, Big Deal: Money as if People Mattered

As we consider the plight of our consumer-driven economy , it is easy to forget that money is about relationship: between individuals and between communities. In our current financial mess, it  is worth reminding ourselves of community-based alternatives, and to look closely at microcredit, a model of peer lending to enable people to move out of poverty. From Bangladesh, from South Africa, from Ghana, and from the East End of London, we are given a worm’s eye view of small-scale work, of personal transformation, and the building of community. Small and local is still beautiful, and has much to teach us.

Visit Jennifer's website to learn more about her work and read her blog: www.jenniferkavanagh.co.uk 

Author: Jennifer Kavanagh 
Publisher: Business Books (2012)
ISBN: 9781780993133
Paperback, 181 pages

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