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Quakers - The Quiet Revolutionaries - DVD

Quakers - The Quiet Revolutionaries - DVD

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Quakers: The Quiet Revolutionaries - DVD

Beautifully reviewed in Friends Journal:

Friend Janet Gardner and her company, Gardner Documentary Group, won best documentary in the Audience Choice Awards at the 2018 New Hope Film Festival for this film. They also won the Flickers’ International Humanitarian Award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. Interestingly, the film starts out with footage of Earth Quaker Action Team, a group whose nonviolent direct action targets corporations for their roles in climate change. This may strike some viewers as atypical of Quakers; Gardner goes on, however, to take the audience through all the important things to know about Quakers today: our various theologies, worship formats and styles; our global spread; our history and, importantly, how we still connect to our Spirit-led ancestors of 350 years ago. In a time when many Friends are feeling the need for personal action amidst great fear and turmoil, Gardner draws a clear line from the earliest Friends to today, and gives us examples of how speaking truth to power looks when we see it in our own time.

This DVD is designed to accommodate the needs of classroom teachers, independent discussion leaders, conference plenary sessions and a simple introduction to Quakerism for new attenders. See the DVD back cover image for table of contents.
Viewing options:
  • 56 minute version as seen on local PBS
  • 79 minute extended version
  • Select from 20 individual chapters
  • Three Extra scenes available

Watch and listen, here, to the introduction given by Janet Gardner and Richard Nurse when they presented this DVD at the 2020 FGC Gathering.

Publisher: Gardner Group Inc., 2020

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