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Quakers and Literature: Quakers and the Disciplines Volume 3

Quakers and Literature: Quakers and the Disciplines Volume 3

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Quakers and Literature: Quaker Perspectives is Volume 3 of the Friends Association for Higher Education (FAHE) series Quakers and the Disciplines. See the full collection here.

For the majority of the more than 350 years of the Society of Friends, Quakers regularly denounced imaginative literature and the arts as at best frivolous and at worst morally depraved. A fundamental friction seems to lie between the Quaker testimonies of simplicity and integrity and the carnivalesque spirit that infuses artistic representation. The essays in this book, however, engage that tension and carefully consider questions surrounding the relationship between Quakerism and the literary, in its multiple forms. From considerations of early Quaker spiritual writings to explorations of Quaker novelists and poets, from historical examinations of literature and peace movements to pedagogical discussions about teaching drama and memoir in a Quakerly manner, the essays in this volume ponder the complex nexus of Quakerism and imaginative literature. These wide-ranging articles address the spiritual, poetic, fictional, and autobiographical work of writers like John Woolman, Mary Neale, Susanna Morris, Virginia Woolf, Jessamyn West, Thomas Kelly, Helen Morgan Brooks, Joan Slonczewski, Rex Stout, Mohandas Gandhi, Dorothy Day, and Marian Wright Edelman. Taken together, the essays suggest that Quakers have a particularly valuable vantage point from which to comprehend the ethical import of such texts. Royalties from Quakers and Literature (Q&D 3), Befriending Truth (Q&D 2), Quaker Perspectives in Higher Education (Q&D 1), and all other books in the “Quakers & the Disciplines” series, will accrue to support the Friends Association for Higher Education’s ongoing publishing efforts.

Editor: James Hood

Publisher: Friends Association of Higher Education

10/27/16  JBB

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