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Quaker Perspectives in Higher Education

Quaker Perspectives in Higher Education

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Quaker Perspectives in Higher Education is Volume 1 of the Friends Association for Higher Education (FAHE) series Quakers and the Disciplines. See the full collection here.

Quaker Perspectives in Higher Education is composed of articles drawn from the first fourteen issues of Quaker Higher Education (QHE), FAHE’s biannual scholarly journal, which the association launched in 2007. Initiated as a vehicle for promoting communication among Quaker scholars, QHE has become a popular venue for sharing many of the finest papers and write-ups of presentations from the annual FAHE conference, products that previously too often disappeared following each conference’s conclusion. It also solicits articles addressing a wide variety of topics and issues of interest to Friends.  QHE is published in April and November of each year.

Editors: Donn Weinholtz, Jeffrey Dudiak, Donald A. Smith
Publisher: Friends Association for Higher Education, 2014
ISBN: 9780996003322
Paperback, 308 pages

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