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Never Can I Write Damascus

Never Can I Write Damascus

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Never Can I Write of Damascus: When Syria Became Our Home 

"In 2005, teacher Theresa Kubasak and retired publisher Gabe Huck moved to Syria, seeking a way to support Iraqi refugees who fled to Damascus after the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq. 'Never Can I Write of Damascus' paints an intimate picture of the daily life they lived there. They rented modest apartments in four distinct neighborhoods of Damascus, staying for seven years until they had to leave in 2012. While there, they established the Iraqi Student Project, which successfully prepared 60 young Iraqi refugees for admission to U.S. colleges. The book describes that work and the many rich relationships the authors built with Syrian and with refugees from Iraq and Palestine"--Publisher's description.


Author: Theresa Kubasak and Gabe Huck

Publisher: Just World Books, 2016

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