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Marking the Quaker Path: Pendle Hill Pamphlet 439

Marking the Quaker Path: Pendle Hill Pamphlet 439

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Marking the Quaker Path: Seven Key Words Plus One

The life of a fully committed Quaker can be described as a series of passages, beginning with a truthful understanding of one’s spiritual condition and deepening through attention to inward experience, spiritual covenant, discipline, and the practice of discernment, culminating ultimately in the maturation of spiritual authority in a beloved community. Robert Griswold explains these passages for modern Friends, drawing from the writings of early Quakers, and offers us a glimpse of the profound growth that can flourish when we turn ourselves over to a life dedicated to the Spirit. Discussion questions included.

Author: Robert Griswold
Publisher: Pendle Hill Publications (2016)
ISBN: 9780875744391

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