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Faith & Play Materials Kit: Love's Way / Living The Way of the Spirit

Faith & Play Materials Kit: Love's Way / Living The Way of the Spirit

$ 30.00

Materials for both Love's Way and Living the Way of the Spirit.

This KIT can be used to construct the following story materials:
• A circle of medium blue felt about 24” in diameter (the underlay)
• A single flame graphic about 3 ½-4” high made of successive layers of orange, yellow and red felt in graduated sizes
• A red felt disk about 5 ½” in diameter (the flame is placed on top of the disk)
• Six wooden hearts about 5” wide (5 are used in Living the Ways of the Spirit; 6 are used in Love’s Way)
• Wooden graphics to glue onto each of the hearts to represent the testimonies of simplicity (person figure with outstretched arms holding a small gold heart), integrity (a small heart), peace (a dove cutout), equality (two people figures in different colors placed side by side), community (three to five people figures in different colors and arranged in a circle), and stewardship (a small earth, which is used in Love’s Way)
• Five wooden or heavy paper plaques, approximately 2 x 5 inches each, with a different testimony written on it (simplicity, integrity, peace, equality, and community), and used in Living the Ways of the Spirit
• Six similarly sized three-dimensional people figures in differing colors and shapes. Optional: put a small red dot or oval on each figure’s chest using paint or fingernail polish (not included)
Reminder: All story materials used should be non-toxic and non-perishable so that they can always remain in the classroom and be available for the children’s work time.

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Faith & Play kits are non-returnable.

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