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The Little Book on Judging

The Little Book on Judging

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When Jesus' enemies threw a woman taken in adultery at His feet and demanded He judge her (for the law decreed her deed deserved death by stoning), Jesus knelt and wrote in the dust before answering. Medieval tradition suggests that He wrote "Earth accuses earth" in the dust. When He stood up, He challenged them with heaven's mercy: "He who is without sin cast the first stone." Jesus' enemies were stunned; they dared not act or they would commit blasphemy by claiming they were perfect. We have all suffered as the earth in others judges us (and the earth within us judges them) and known the shattered relationships it produces. Are we condemned to always suffer earth judging earth, or is there a precious alternative, right judging which helps and heals, brings unity, and is the fruit of our following Jesus' will and direction? The Little Book on Judging presents this alternative grounded on the pastoral advice of both our Lord and one of His particularly graced servants.

Author: Terry Wallace
Publisher: Terry Wallace, 2013
ISBN: 9780970137579
Paperback, Page 64


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