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Letters from Lillian

Letters from Lillian

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A lively, imaginary correspondence is used to describe ordinary life among American Quakers in "unprogrammed" Friends Meetings where there is no pastor. Lillian is one of the committed volunteer members who facilitate the silent Meetings for Worship, run the consensus-based business sessions, and sort out theological and ethical issues. She tells her curious friend, Marla, that participants are "seekers." Based in the Christian tradition, Quakers share just one absolute concept: that there is a divine spark in every human being which is to be protected and nurtured. The consequences of that one principle extend to every part of a Quaker life. A bit of a plot develops as Marla gets to know more about Quakers from Lillian and from a young man working with her. There is a large amount of information in this easy-to-read volume. Perfect for students of comparative religion and for seekers of every kind.

Author: Elizabeth Boardman
Published: CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2012
ISBN: 9781468161830
Paperback, 140 pages

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