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A Journey out of Season

A Journey out of Season

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During the winter of 1945, many American families were being reunited. Fathers were returning from military service. For young Rufus it meant another separation. His father, grandfather and mother returned to Europe to help rebuild. They were Quakers and believed that they should do what they could to help the victims of war. Rufus and his grandmother were left to move the family from Iowa to Washington State. It was cold and Grandma had more plans than just the move. She needed to find her friend, a Native American woman, who was ill and had left her home in South Dakota. Along the way Rufus was meeting new people and learning that they had trouble that did not seem right. He was asking questions.

Author: Mary Hansen
Publisher: Desiana Publications, November 2019
ISBN: 9780578585888
Paperback, 158 pages
ages 7-12


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