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In the Stillness

In the Stillness

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In the Stillness: Peoms, Prayers, and Reflections

Elizabeth Mills is the author of In the Stillness: poems, prayers, reflections. Elizabeth describes herself as follows. “I am a Quaker. . . [and] I have always been an ecumenically minded Christian. In the past, I have facilitated times of quiet and mediation with others. I seek to live in a contemplative way and have daily times of stillness and prayer. During that time, I often write. The two seem to go hand in hand. I write reflections or prayers, sometimes the pieces have been referred to as poems. All are on the theme of prayer, silence, stillness and the inner journey seeking to follow Christ. Many of the more recent pieces end with the words, ‘This day and every day, Amen.’ ”  

Elizabeth continues, “However, I also have some pages, rather different in nature. . . . They are reflections/questions about the spiritual life and our earthly journey. Each reflection asks the question ‘ What if . . .’ and asks us to think or consider something from a potentially different angle. Each reflection ends with a quotation from the Bible. . . .  [The] reflections [are]divided into two parts – one looking from an earthly point of view, the other from a heavenly point of view: ‘ His Life in ours’ and ‘ our life in Him.’”

Elizabeth states: "These words have been written in times of quiet prayer, and they are offered with love. I hope that in some way these words may be helpful to you and encourage your own spiritual journey."

Author: Elizabeth Mills
Publisher: Inner Light Press, 2018
ISBN: 9781732823914
paperback, 112 pages

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